Fedora 14 “Laughlin” Release scheduled !!

Fedora 14 “Laughlin” is scheduled to be released in late October or early-to-mid November. The first alpha release of Red Hat’s Fedora 14 is expected in mid-August. Fedora 14 is expected to ship with X.Org Server 1.9, GCC 4.5, and offer many other package updates and new features.

2010-05-25     Fedora 13 Release
2010-07-13     Feature Submission Deadline
2010-07-27     Feature Freeze–Planning & Development Ends
2010-07-27     Branch Fedora 14 from Rawhide
2010-08-03     Software String Freeze
2010-08-03     Alpha Change Deadline
2010-08-17    Alpha Release
2010-08-31     Software Translation Deadline
2010-09-07     Beta Change Deadline
2010-09-21     Beta Release
2010-10-11     Final Change Deadline
2010-10-12     Compose Release Candidate
2010-10-26     Fedora 14 Final Release


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