How do I configure an anonymous ftp server?

To setup an anonymous ftp server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, follow these steps:

1. Verify that the vsftpd package is installed.

rpm -qa |grep vsftpd

If it is not installed, the install it as follows:

RHEL 3 and 4

# up2date -i vsftpd

# yum install vsftpd

2. Verify the localhost line in /etc/hosts looks like the following: localhost.localdomain localhost

3. Next configure the vsftpd.conf file. NOTE: Back up the vsftpd.conf file

# cd /etc/vsftpd
# cp vsftpd.conf ./vsftpd.conf.ORIG

Using an editor, open the file vsftpd.conf. Uncomment the line
anonymous_enable=YES. Save and quit the vsftpd.conf file.

4. Start the vsftpd service

# service vsftpd start

5. To have the vsftpd service persistent across reboot:

# chkconfig vsftpd on

6. To test the configuration run the following commands:

# ftp localhost

Login with:
username: anonymous
password: root@local
This should show an ftp prompt. Type ‘bye’ to exit to the command prompt.
NOTE: ports 20 and 21 must be opened on the firewall.


How do I enable FTP services or daemons in RHEL?

RHEL 3 and later

In RHEL 3 or later FTP service is provided by the vsftpd daemon. vsftpd stands for “Very Secure FTP Daemon” and is an FTP server for Unix-like systems. It supports IPv6 and SSL, as well as explicit and implicit FTPS. The vsftpd daemon provides a standalone service, and it is not controlled by xinetd.

To provide FTP service, follow these steps:

Install the vsftpd package:

• On RHEL 5:

yum -y install vsftpd

• On RHEL 3 and RHEL 4:

up2date -i vsftpd

1. Ensure that the GSSFTP service, a sub-service of xinetd is disabled and inactive by issuing these commands:

chkconfig gssftp off

service xinetd restart

2. Configure the vsftpd service to be started when the system boots and start the service:

chkconfig vsftpd on

service vsftpd start


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