A Minimal Kickstart Installation for CentOS 5.5

The Kickstart is the powerful way to install Operating System through answer of the number of questions asked during the installation on a single file. Most of the system administrators prefer this method of installation as it saves enough time rather than manually sitting in front of the linux box.

There are numerous ways to perform this installations like:

1. Through HTTP

2. Through NFS

3. Through FTP

4. Through USB

In this tutorial  we will be performing the installation through http.

This tutorial assumes that Web server is running on the remote machine with port 80 open for external network. You can simply put the below pasted kickstart file ks.cfg under DocumentRoot /var/www/html and restart the http service.You should be able to fetch the file once you point your browser to http://<webserver>/ks.cfg.If it works well, you are ready to go to next step.

Just copy paste the above kickstart file into ks.cfg and put it under remote web server directory under /var/www/html.

Here we now start with our installation.

Just insert the first CD into CD-ROM. Once it stops at first screen as:


Supply the entry as shown below:

boot: linux ks=http://<WebserverIP>/ks.cfg

Thats it.

Sit for 5-7 minutes and your minimal OS is Ready.

Surprised !!! Yes its true.. You can even install CentOS with single CD.

Done !!!


2 Responses

  1. […] lesser than 300 MB. I have tried and put the kickstart which does within 700 MB(first CD) at Installation . Anyone who have ever tried writing the kickstart file for the […]

  2. How to do the kickstart through USB jump drive?
    The OS is fedora 13.

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